Inspiring Workplaces​ that rock employees’ happiness

When we think about inspiring workplaces (IWP), a word pops up: Google. This giant company represents a dream workplace. They do know how to rock employees’ happiness. The good news is that you don’t need to have a Google’s budget to make a IWP. Instead, what you need in the first place is a transformational mindset change (and a will to invest a couple of coins … Continue reading Inspiring Workplaces​ that rock employees’ happiness

The unbelievable (im)possible task

How can a team guess two hidden cards out of 52, without having absolutely no extra information? None. It’s an impossible task, apparently, isn’t it? I thought the same until I saw what happened. This particular cards guessing moment blew my mind, until today. I don’t understand the magic behind it, but I can describe it. Some days ago, I had the privilege of attending … Continue reading The unbelievable (im)possible task

Replace your smartphone with a Mug

Why would you replace a smartphone with a single function object such as a Mug, right? You might be thinking we’re just insane and outdated, but we are not. Let us tell you why. Mugship was born from the belief that happiness at work should be a priority for all of us. After all, we are meant to be part of the workplace, sooner or later. We do it … Continue reading Replace your smartphone with a Mug