Replace your smartphone with a Mug

Why would you replace a smartphone with a single function object such as a Mug, right? You might be thinking we’re just insane and outdated, but we are not. Let us tell you why.

14Mugship was born from the belief that happiness at work should be a priority for all of us. After all, we are meant to be part of the workplace, sooner or later. We do it because the society established this model where we have to earn money in order to get what we, the majority, need, for fewer people what they want and for very few people a lifestyle of luxury.

Do you have any idea how many hours will you spend at work during your lifetime?

90,000 hours working! (Source: Happiness at Work, Psychology Today)

Wow… this is way too much, isn’t it? We all agree  (except workaholics) that this amount of time should be reduced so that we could enjoy a better life. Some freelancers have the power of living the 4 hours work week, but most of us stick with the 40 hours work week.

Now, if you are going to spend thousands of hours of your precious limited time at work, don’t you think you’d better enjoy it and help others to be fulfilled? At Mugship, the answer to it sustains our existence:

Absolutely, yes. Make your people happy! We believe this is the baseline for a successful path in the professional and personal life dimensions. This is why we want to share stories that motivate us never to give up of promoting and receiving happiness at work.

Mugship vision is that, in a social media virtualized world, we have to preserve the face-to-face interactions as the most important element of human relations. We should click the “slow down” button when it comes to people; we should increase our ears volume to listen more what our mates are saying, feeling and believing; we should take a coffee in a mug, sit down, talk, look, have compassion, generosity and, of course, go back to work to make our people happy (clients, coworkers, suppliers, bosses, etc.).

You can’t demand trust from your colleagues, says Simon Sirek, the author of the bestselling book Start with Why. “Trust me, it’s an order!” It’s just impossible to ask. You have to build it, being patient and consistent in your actions. You can do it by starting replacing the smartphone with a mug whenever you go to a meeting or when you are waiting for a conference, or a talk, or… you get it.

Mugship is for those of you who also believe that with a simple mug you can have the power of strengthening your relationships.  



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